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quinta-feira, 17 de julho de 2008

Falk - LCDXVI Lux Facta Ex... (2008)

Falk - LCDXVI Lux Facta Ex... (2008)


Band: Falk
Album: LCDXVI Lux Facta Ex...
Genre: Heavy Metal
Origin: Ecuador
Format: mp3@CBR128kbps
Size: 69MB

1. Desaparecer
2. Ayer y Hoy
3. Deseo Carnal
4. Todo me Parece Normal
5. Fría Luz de Diciembre
6. Tu Rostro
7. El Final
8. Shock Fatal
9. Que me Domina
10. Brisas
11. Dark Night of the Soul
12. Bitter Tears Roll By
13. Wicked
14. Hell's for Heaven's Sake
15. Tonight is the Night
16. Burn Preacher Burn
17. Wild as the Beast
18. Horny Jesus
19. Damn Predictable
20. All Alone

Prison Inside


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