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sábado, 12 de julho de 2008

Nunslaughter - All Of The Dead (2008)

Nunslaughter - All Of The Dead (2008)

Best of/Compilation


Band: Nunslaughter
Album: All Of The Dead
Genre: Death Metal
Origin: USA

1. My Evil Concubine
2. Riders Of The Apocalypse
3. Power Of Darkness
4. As The Cacodemons Feast
5. Angel Hunt
6. The Sephiroth
7. Jesus Is Doomed
8. Inverted Churches
9. Blood For Blood
10. Impale The Soul
11. Altar Of The Dead
12. How I Want To Die
13. Satan's Blood
14. Your Lord Deformed
15. Deathlehem
16. Unclaimed Cadaver
17. Burn The Cross
18. All Of The Dead
19. Titan
20. Church Bizarre / Death By The Dead / She Lives By Night / Midnight Mass
21. I Am Death
22. Cataclysm
23. Impale The Soul...

Total playing time 52:36

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