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segunda-feira, 18 de agosto de 2008

Aurora Black - And the Skies Dream Infinite Sorrow (2008)

Aurora Black - And the Skies Dream Infinite Sorrow (2008)


Band: Aurora Black
Album: And the Skies Dream Infinite Sorrow
Genre: Death/Black Metal
Origin: USA
Info: [Mp3//VBR//44100Hz Stereo]
Size: 105MB

1. Intro- Into The Woods Of Bleeding Trees 01:50
2. When The Boars Are Feasting 04:48
3. Dripping Limbs, Faces Of Torment 06:05
4. King Of Worms 03:29
5. Lake Of Organs 04:10
6. Decapitated Angel 05:07
7. Intro- In Endless Depression 00:50
8. And The Skies Dream Infinite Sorrow 07:16
9. The Waking Cold 03:58
10. The Last Hours Of Life 03:45
11. The Orchestra Of Grief 06:44
12. A Brief Moment Of Clarity 04:02
13. A Distant Spirit Weeps 04:37
14. Before The Sun Was Created 04:33
15. Concealed Behind Stone 06:25
16. Forever In Mourning 07:01
17. Outro- Seeds 00:31

Total playing time 01:15:11

Prison Inside1
Prison Inside2

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