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sábado, 11 de outubro de 2008

Siebenbürgen - Revelation VI (2008)

Siebenbürgen - Revelation VI (2008)


Band: Siebenbürgen
Album: Revelation VI
Gênero: Melodic Black Metal (old), Gothic Metal (now)
Ano: 2008
Info: [Mp3//VBR//44100Hz Stereo]
Length: 56.59 min
Size: 94Mb
Country: Sweden

1. Awaken 02:07
2. Rebirth Of The Nameless 03:50
3. Infernaliia 04:42
4. Revelation VI 05:21
5. Grimheim 05:20
6. After The Wolf (Do Dead Men Follow) 06:25
7. S.I.N. 04:26
8. The Oaken Throne 03:38
9. The Soulless 04:28
10. Enter Omega (Bonus Track) 03:09
11. In Sanctum 04:55
12. Fire Leaps High 04:37
13. At The End Of Twilight 04:01

Total playing time 56:59

Marcus Ehlin - Vocals, bass
Dennis Ekdahl - Drums
Richard Bryngelsson - Guitars
Johnnie Gunther - Keyboards
Joakim Ohlsson - Guitars
Lisa Bohwalli Simonsson - Vocals

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