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terça-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2009

Destroy Destroy Destroy - Battle Sluts (2009)

Destroy Destroy Destroy - Battle Sluts (2009)


Artist: Destroy Destroy Destroy
Album: Battle Sluts
Year: 2009
Genre: Power Metal with Harsh Vocals
Country: USA
Size: 81MB

1. The Second Coming 01:42
2. Battle Upon the Arctic Plains 04:12
3. Beyond The Scorpion Gate 04:05
4. Realm of Ancient Shadows 03:44
5. Born Of Thunder 03:51
6. To Die Without Honor (Interlude) 01:13
7. The Winged Panther 04:18
8. The Wretched Forest 03:02
9. The Berserker's Field of Whores 02:45
10. Agents of Hypocrisy 03:56
11. The Return of the Geishmal Undead 05:45
12. Battle Slut Drinking Song 03:15

Total playing time 41:48

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