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quarta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2008

Isor - The Zebra Theory (2008)

Isor - The Zebra Theory (2008)

Band: Isor
Album: The Zebra Theory
Genre: Metalcore
Origin: United Kingdom
Format: mp3@VBR320kbps
Size: 58MB

1. Care Home Catapult 03:56
2. Never Look A Gift Whore In The Mouth 03:50
3. If I Had A Clue I Wouldn't Need Crosswords 03:41
4. Tiananmen Square Dance 03:45
5. The Great Paperboy Strike Of 1978 04:49
6. Dykes Make My Sperm Strike 03:03
7. A Short Guide To Retaining Integrity Whilst Asking For Your Shoe Back 02:30
8. Disappointingly High Number of Chromosomes 03:56
9. Making Mr. Wood Feel Good 03:04
10. Semtex Sanitary Product 04:06
11. If You Can't Sit On Clouds I Can't Be Bothered Flying 00:38

Total playing time 37:18

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