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quinta-feira, 16 de outubro de 2008

Carnifex - The Diseased and The Poisoned (2008)

Carnifex - The Diseased and The Poisoned (2008)

Artist - Carnifex
Album - The Diseased and The Poisoned
Year - 2008
Genre - Deathcore
Country - USA
Size: 58Mb

1. Suffering
2. In Coalesce with Filth and Faith
3. Adornment of the Sickened
4. The Nature of Depravity
5. Innocence Died Screaming
6. The Diseased and the Poisoned
7. To My Dead and Dark Dreams
8. Sadistic Embrace
9. Answers in Mourning
10. Aortic Dissection
11. Among Grim Shadows
12. Enthroned in Isolation

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